Advisory Services


For today's multinational businesses, heightened regulatory scrutiny combined with frequent changes to the laws and regulations for the hiring of foreign nationals has made immigration compliance both a priority as well as a challenge.


A leader in the field of immigration, the Normandy Law Group partners with its clients to develop innovative global compliance programs.  The experience of our immigration professionals coupled with cutting edge technology that monitors the immigration status of each member of the workforce enables submission of all required visa documentation prior the applicable filing deadlines.


For businesses that operate in multiple countries, compliance with multiple sets of visa and work-eligibility requirements can be a daunting task.  At Normandy Law Group, we develop customized solutions that enable each client to proactively oversee the compliance process in each country where they operate.  As part of this process, we first assess a client’s existing employment eligibility and visa programs to identify vulnerabilities.  We then develop customized solutions that address these vulnerabilities and streamline the global compliance process so that it can be proactively managed by the client.


Our solutions apply technologies that facilitate compliance.  These include online tracking of each application as well as a user-friendly matrix that sets forth the requirements and critical dates according to both employee and country location.


Immigration law is complex, and you may not be familiar with all of your immigration options. The Normandy Law Group has attorneys and lawyers in major metropolitan areas, including New York, Chicago, New Jersey, Charlotte, Los Angeles, to counsel on your immigration options.

Our job is to ensure that you will be in the best position to make decisions about your immigration.  

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