Flat Fee Arrangements

Flat fee arrangements allow our team to be efficient, an anomaly to the law-firm business model that incentivizes attorneys to rack up hours. In addition, our arrangements include cost of experts, as well as hiring lawyers in cities where related suits are filed.

For our clients, our arrangements are an “all-in-the-pot of money.”

There is a myth regarding flat fee arrangements. It is the notion that lawyers working under these arrangements will not work as hard. It is also the perception that a conflict exists between pushing for efficiency and achieving the best results. For our clients, they find the opposite to be true. They have found that our attorneys consistently excel in their results.

At the Normandy Law Group, we rethink the way we practice law, and we always find ways to work quickly without sacrificing quality. We do this because we know if our client fails to prosper, our client will be gone.